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Help Files

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\HTML Help

These Registry keys store the paths to the help files registered by the applications installed on your computer. The corresponding Registry entries are created when you install an application. The first key contains references to .hlp files and the second to .chm files. If you delete a help file or move it to another location, the Registry entry referring to this help file becomes invalid because it no longer refers to an existing file.

If Registry Clean Pro cannot find a help file referenced from the Help Files section, the registry entry pointing to this file is removed.

If a registry reference to a help file is specified as a short filename without the full path, Registry Clean Pro tries to find the file in all the folders on your hard drives. If the file in question is not found, the registry entry referring to this file is considered invalid and is removed from the registry. If one or more files with that name are found, Registry Clean Pro does not remove the reference from the registry. If a reference points to a file located on a network drive, Registry Clean Pro does not remove this reference.

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