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The above keys contain references to COM and ActiveX objects. Before a COM/ActiveX object can be used by applications, a reference to this object must be created in the registry. If a registry reference describing a COM/ActiveX object points to a non-existing file, this reference is considered invalid.

Registry Clean Pro scans the above keys in the CLSID section to make sure that all the files referenced from this section actually exist. If a registry reference to a file is specified as a short filename without the full path, Registry Clean Pro tries to find the file in all the folders on your hard drives. If the file in question is not found, the registry entry referring to this file is considered invalid and is removed from the registry. If one or more files with that name are found, Registry Clean Pro does not remove the reference from the registry. If a reference points to a file located on a network drive, Registry Clean Pro does not remove this reference.

Note: The trial version of Registry Clean Pro does not scan the COM/ActiveX section of the registry. Purchase the full version of Registry Clean Pro to enable this function.

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