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A utility to fix errors and optimize the performance of the Windows registry.

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Registry Sections to Scan: Overview

Registry Clean Pro locates and fixes errors in the following registry sections:

Before performing a registry scan, Registry Clean Pro scans all your hard drives to build a full list of the files and folders located there. This list is necessary to prevent incorrect deletion of the registry entries that refer to a file without specifying the full path.

For example, if a registry entry refers to a file as "notepad.exe" but not as "C:\Windows\notepad.exe", Registry Clean Pro cannot determine the exact location of the file and verify its existence. In this case, Registry Clean Pro tries to locate this file in the list of files that was created during the scan of your hard drives. If one or more files with the name "notepad.exe" are found, Registry Clean Pro does not remove the corresponding entry from the registry.

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