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A utility to fix errors and optimize the performance of the Windows registry.

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Undoing the Last Cleanup

When cleaning the registry, the program automatically creates a backup copy of all the entries it removes. Each time you clean the registry, the backup file is overwritten. If you cleaned the registry and noticed that some applications are not working properly, you can restore the registry to its previous state using the Undo the last cleanup option.

To restore the registry to the state it was before the last cleanup:

  1. Run Registry Clean Pro.
  2. Select the Undo the last cleanup option.
  3. Click Next to complete the Undo operation.

Important: If you used your computer for some time since the last cleanup, some applications could create new registry keys named as the removed ones. In this case Registry Clean Pro will show you a warning screen allowing you to cancel the Undo operation. If you proceed with the Undo operation, the new keys created after the last cleanup will be replaced with the old keys of the same name from the backup file. This may cause some applications to work improperly.

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